Wednesday, November 15, 2017

... Continued ...

2017 catch up continued...
Sydnee started hair school at Evans Hairstyling College this year, which means I am now double spoiled!!!! Yay!!
We tried out the colored hair shampoo. Blue for Cec and pink for me!
I had the amazing opportunity to go to Houston, Texas to teach a dance camp at a local church there.
We had a blast!!! We explored Kemah boardwalk while there...
The Houston LDS Temple...
The galleria mall and water wall in downtown Houston...
 Roadtripped to see Waco, home of Chip and Joana Gaines...
We had such a blast exploring, but the best part was teaching the kids how to dance and use their talents for service. They LOVED us and treated us like we were celebrities. We were well taken care of and treated like queens, it was a blast to experience it with Tia and Holly!
 For my 25th birthday we went to DISNEYLAND!!! We brought Syd along as her graduation trip!!!
 We did a one day hopper pass and then paid $10 extra each ticket for the MAX PASS! The max pass was legit, we were able to schedule our fast pass on our phones to whatever ride we wanted, we were able to get the digital downloads of all pictures from rides and their photographers, and we could make dinner reservations! It was definitely worth it!
 I did my research and scouted out all the yummy food I wanted to eat, this was the mac and cheese from the cozy cone! MMMM!!!
 Cookie sunday from Ghiradelli chocolate factory, yum!!!
Lobster nachos from Cove Bar!
 This was Sydnee's frist time to Disneyland and I felt so blessed and excited to experience it with her!!! I'm happy to say she loved it as much, if not more, than I expected!!!
I've always loved Sydnee, but as she's gotten older we've gotten closer and I love her more and more. She's funny, sweet, kind hearted, easy going, beautiful, adventurous and fun!!! She's a good girl with good intentions always. I love you Syd!!!!
 Oh just holding Tink in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle.
 Walt knew what he was doing when he created Mickey! To think because he used his imagination and followed his dream I was able to celebrate my 25th birthday in such an awesome place!!! Disneyland was amazing, and my company was ðŸ‘ŒðŸ¼, but what made my birthday so great were all the thoughtful calls, texts, shoutouts, and wishes from my loved ones! I love you all and I'm so grateful!!!
 Syd's favorite was Cars land in California adventure, she grew up with all the Pixar movies so she liked California Adventure better than Disneyland but she still loved both!!!
I love him!
 Syd and Jeff are not fans of roller coasters, I on the other hand...LOVE THEM!!!
 Yes this was our second time and YES Jeff got soaked every time!!!
 The next day we chilled at Newport Beach then took Syd to Laguna to experience our favorite gelato. She snapped this beaut all on accident LOL.
 We kept with our tradition and did work in the Redland LDS Temple!
 Syd was able to do baptisms with us and it was amazing!!! I love how so much peace and love can be felt in any and every temple. We were able to do all 60 names I brought, 23 girls and 37 boys! It was a beautiful experience and I was reminded of just how much the Lord loves all His children and will always provide! There is a plan, always! I felt overwhelmed with complete joy and it was wonderful!!! I felt my great-grandma Horlacher there with us. I also had a feeling it was someone's birthday and so just now, as we are driving home, I went through the names and sure enough it's one of my ancestors birthdays today ðŸ˜Š❤️ just wanted to share! 
Talked Jeff and Syd into checking out the 7 magic mountains just outside Vegas.
 It was like 200 degrees, we heard rattles constantly (snaked eek,) but admired these huge colorful rocks and it was nice! I can say I've seen it :)
 National Dance Day 2017 performance with my awesome team! Love them so much!
 All Access Convention! Such a cool and fun opportunity to perform and start this awesome event off! There were 2,000+ people there from all over the country and world! Such a fun, amazing, "did that really happen?" kind of experiences.
August 1st... Paparazzi jewelry convention at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas 2017!
To think it all started with two sisters in Hurricane, Utah...CRAZY!!!
 My cute hair school sister!
 Amy and Cole sealed the deal August 25th in the St George Temple!
 It was a beautiful celebration!
 Amy wore her grandma Barbara's wedding dress and it was stunning!
 Another RS activity, Tans Treats service project. We gathered meal items for 4 months then came together and put the bags together!
 Jeff and I saw Ed Sheeran LV concert tickets on facebook so we had to snatch them up and head to the concert that same day. He's been on our concert bucket list for years so we decided to be spontaneous and make memories!
 James Blunt opened for him and we were able to meet him and get his autograph and a picture.
 Ed Sheeran was INCREDIBLE, we left so inspired and amazed. He was his whole show, he built his music and it was incredible. He wore this shirt the whole concert so we had to get one as our memorabilia.
 Cecilee and Angel are building their first town home only 5 minutes away from us!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED! I got to go to the design center with her and pick out all her finished, I can't wait to see it all done! It should be done December.
 We found a new love for SUP, stand up paddleboarding! So we decided to purchase our own, next summer can't come fast enough hahaha.
 Over Labor day weekend we went to Lake Powell with the Horlacher family!
 This was Jeff's first time there and my first time since I was 5, and it was as awesome as everyone says it is!
 Cec and Angel picked out their baby girl's name so we did a little fun picture using our flash lights.

 We were missing Trevor, but football season is in full swing which means he stays put.
Horlacher family + Lake Powell = TONS of fun with a few minor bumps
My grandpa's pontoon saw it's first and last outing and my Uncle Duane's boat was having issues but that didn't stop us from having a blast!
 After Lake Powell we went over to see Horseshoe Bend, and yeah it's not a bad hike down but the hike up in 115 degree weather is KILLER!!! It was beautiful though and totally worth it!
Every summer we are so spoiled by my mom to go see the Tuacahn plays! This year we LOVED Mama Mia and Newsies, we saw Shrek too and it was good too. Thanks mom for always hooking us up!!!

Don't worry... I still have more to catch up on but that's enough for me today...